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When to Post on TikTok ?

Jun 18, 20225 min readRahul Sathyakumar

TikTok is one of the most popular social media websites worldwide. With an estimate of 1.20 billion users globally, TikTok is one of the favourite social media apps for influencers.

When to post on TikTok is a crucial factor considered by influencers while posting their videos. The timing is quite vital as it affects the video's reach.

But what is TikTok? TikTok, formerly known as, is a video streaming and sharing app that allows users to make short videos of 15 seconds on any topic.

The app contains many filters, dialogues, music and other tools that help users make funny and engaging content.

How does TikTok differ from Even though the basic concept is the same, TikTok has a broader scope for content creation. While the tools to create videos are many, when to post on Tik-Tok is also essential for influencers to understand.

Since its rebranding, TikTok has had tremendous growth in its popularity, and it has acquired almost 500 million monthly active users.

What is the reason behind this popularity? The answer probably is celebrity endorsements and paid partnerships.

Celebrities have an idea of when to post on TikTok and what to post. They capitalise on the app by starting challenges to promote movies or new albums.

These challenges engage current users to create new content and bring new users to the app. These challenges are critical strategies for the app to expand globally.

Despite being a global app, TikTok focuses extensively on local content. Local influencers who know when to post on TikTok are aware of the trending local hashtags from time to time.

TikTok is famous for its local challenges that allow users to show off their creativity and get exciting rewards. This tactic enables TikTok to increase its popularity in a country.

Like most social media apps, TikTok takes its privacy policies very seriously. As a user, you have complete control over whose content appears on your feed, who can comment on your videos and who can message you. You can learn how to block and how to unblock someone on TikTok.

When to post on TikTok?

TikTok is going viral! Assuming you're now a TikToker or considering becoming one, you've most likely thought about how to gain a considerable following. You've probably asked yourself, "when to post on TikTok?" or "what is the ideal time to post on TikTok?"

Figuring out the right time to post any content on any social media platform is not easy. Like most media apps, the environment is dynamic, and new trends are set daily.

Just because you have a decent following and your posts can generate many likes doesn't mean that your latest content will have a similar success rate.

If you are trying to understand when to post on TikTok, you must first understand where most of your audience is. Each geographical location has its own set of busy hours during which most of the content is consumed.

Having said this, we have analysed the engagement rates of some 100,000 posts and circled the following times each day of the week.

  • Monday: 6:00, 10:00, 22:00
  • Tuesday: 2:00, 4:00, 9:00
  • Wednesday: 7:00, 8:00, 23:00
  • Thursday: 9:00, 12:00, 19:00
  • Friday: 05:00, 13:00, 15:00
  • Saturday: 11:00, 19:00, 20:00
  • Sunday: 7:00, 8:00, 16:00

Out of the above timings, three of the best recommended times to post on TikTok are Tuesdays at 9 AM EST, Thursdays at 12 PM EST, and Fridays at 5 AM EST.

Do posting times matter? Yes, because depending on when to post, your videos can trigger the algorithm to get your content more views. If you post a video when fewer people use the app, then chances are your video won't get the likes it deserves.

If timing isn't your problem, and it's the quality of your content that is preventing you from reaching the "Hall of Fame," then it's time you reflect on your skills to find out where exactly your creativity lies.

If you wish to gain more followers, you need to determine your speciality. What sets you apart from other TikTokers?

Reinventing your profile from time to time is an excellent idea. Rather than starting fresh and deleting your old profile, you can learn how to delete TikTok videos from your profile.

Collaborating with other Tik-Tokers is a great idea, and this is a great way to introduce your followers to each other. You will be able to share your content with other Tik-Tokers, and brands do this all the time.

Brands have been trying to leverage Tik-Tok by understanding when to post on TikTok. Unlike most social media these days, TikTok doesn't have a separate space for ads. However, brands have taken steps to utilise TikTok as a marketing channel due to its increasing popularity.

Similar to celebrities, brands have utilised TikTok challenges, contests and hashtags to get users to create brand-related content.

TikTok videos are pretty entertaining, and it is pretty awesome to share with your friends and family. However, if they are not on TikTok, you can try using our app to download TikTok videos to your device and share them on other platforms.

The future of TikTok is uncertain. Many social media apps have gained massive popularity, but few have survived. Tik-Tok should find new and innovative ways to engage its users, and they should gain support from big brands by making the app more marketing-friendly.

When to post on TikTok. Depending on the region you live the engagement rates are different. These are the best times to post a video on TikTok.