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Most viral TikTok challenges

Mar 7, 20223 min readParvathy Nair

The Tiktok app was launched in 2016. It was made for users to create short videos for entertainment. Today, it has transformed itself into the IT place where trends, hashtags, and challenges are born. It has since become associated with something considerably more menacing: viral internet challenges.

No matter where you live, it's extremely hard not to be aware of TikTok challenges. I mean, they are everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Let's just talk about how some of these challenges have become so popular in a very short amount of time and the reach and the influence they have, especially with Gen Z.

The most viral TikTok challenges

The 'Renegade Dance' challenge

The 'Renegade Dance' challenge consisted of 15 short dance moves. The music used is a snippet from the song 'Lottery' by K Kamp. When I tell you this challenge went viral, it blew up; within a few weeks, celebrities like Bella thorn , Noah snaps were all doing, and there were a lot of funny videos of people trying to learn the choreography.

The 'Oldtown Road' challenge

This was one of the most genius marketing campaigns for a song ever, especially for a generation obsessed with memes. The song went viral, and Lil Nas X became a household name. Even though the song was criticized for not being country enough, TikTok users everywhere were getting their country on.

The 'Magic Bomb' (questions I get asked) challenge

What the users do is they answer questions mostly put forward by their followers; it can also include funny dances, and many funny questions can tickle your bones

The 'Obsessed' challenge

First of all, I want to be known that this song is pretty damn good, probably why it got the attention of the TikTok community in the first place. The challenge is about simple dance moves to fit in with the beat. And I am pretty sure that Mariah Carey did her version of the challenge.

The 'Respect the drip' Challenge

This challenge has so much vine energy, and I am here for it. The challenge is about wearing your coolest/weirdest outfit, but it starts with you just showing off your legs and then the entire outfit. Respect the drip, Karen( the stepmom of the creator). It's all about teen angst and your parental figure not approving your dress choice, which makes it funny and relatable.