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Trends and Hashtags

Most used Tiktok hashtags

Mar 7, 20223 min readParvathy Nair

I have already said it once this once, and I'll say again louder for the people in the back, "HASHTAGS ARE VERY IMPORTANT!".Tiktok hashtags are helpful, especially if you want to grow your account organically and increase engagement. Tiktok hashtags are also a great way to take advantage of the TikTok algorithm and ensure you are getting through to your target audience with your content.

Since its inception, TikTok has changed lives, Lil Nax or Addison Rae. If you want to go viral, Tiktok is the place to be. TikTok is one of the most popular social media networks, with 500 million monthly users. It also has a very high growth rate, implying that marketing on the platform will increase your brand's visibility and help you break into markets you didn't know you should be targeting.

So what exactly are hashtags?

A hashtag is a word, acronym, phrase, number, or emoji preceded by the # sign. In a nutshell, hashtags are a technique of categorising information so that others can discover it — and so that social media algorithms can interpret it way more easily. To assist classify their work, TikTok users add hashtags to their TikTok video so that their content doesn't get lost in the content sea of Tiktok.

Another thing to keep in mind is that hashtags help you get more traffic and what not but go overboard with them. Your best chance at success is to target relevant TikTok hashtags and not everything popular. And if you are a specific niche, choose TikTok hashtags re;ated to the specific niches and remember to always of the long game.

The most viral TikTok hashtags

  • #tiktok
  • #fyp
  • #foryoupage
  • #funnyvideos
  • #likeforfollow
  • #artist
  • #fitness
  • #justforfun
  • #couplegoals
  • #beautyblogger
  • #tiktokchallenge
  • #duet
  • #trending
  • #comedy
  • #savagechallenge
  • #tiktoktrend
  • #levelup
  • #featureme
  • #tiktokfamous
  • #repost
  • #viralvideos
  • #viralpost
  • #video
  • #foryou
  • #slowmo
  • #new
  • #music
  • #recipe
  • #DIY
  • #funny
  • #relationship
  • #tiktokcringe
  • #tiktokdance
  • #dancer
  • #dancelove
  • #dancechallenge
  • #5mincraft
  • #workout
  • #motivation
  • #lifestyle

Tiktok Hashtag generator

Suppose you are finding it challenging to find hashtags for your particular niche. In that case, you can always try hashtag generators like have to type in the hashtag and then it gives you the hashtags related to it to help you with reach and visibility.

And in case you want more specific related Hashtags, we also have those.