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How to get famous on TikTok?

Mar 23, 20223 min readParvathy Nair

Even with Tiktok being banned in a number of countries, its popularity hasn't seen a decline. Tiktok is a social media platform still majority dominated by Gen Z, making it one of the most happening social media platforms; it is also where most trends are borns.

These trends usually make their way to other social media platforms like Instagram reels, Facebook or even youtube short. And recently, many celebrities have joined the platform to engage with their fans and promote their own content. Now talking about getting famous on TikTok, no one actually knows the exact formula to go viral on TikTok. Some have received overnight fame, and others put years of work into the platform to garner the following they have now. Still, if you take time to learn about the algorithm of the TikTok app and learn what is popular and what works, you will be able to rake up a good amount of followers. So here are some tips on

How to get famous on Tiktok

Tip 1. Be Authentic

Let's get this out of the way. There are a lot of tiktokers, and chances are there are going to 1000's of other tiktokers that make content that's is very similar to yours. I know this sounds cliché, but the only way to stand out is by being yourself instead of doing the stuff others with similar content do. For example, herfirst100K began their TikTok journey with financial focus videos and now has turned entrepreneur giving financial advice to women or let's talk about Lil nas how he leveraged TikTok to make his music go viral all of these prove if you do what you do with consistency getting followers on TikTok is very attainable.

Tip 2. Find your Niche

Niche finding is a task no matter what journey you are on. So when deciding a niche, pick something that gets you excited to make videos on it and not something popular on TikTok.There are instances of nurses and moms going viral because they put out new content informing and not overdone. Find your niche and post consistently.

Tip 3. Stay on top of trends

This one is pretty obvious; Tiktok is a high-speed platform. The trends change almost every day, and trends are a great way to go viral, so staying on top of them gives you more of an opportunity to be seen and gain followers in the process.

Tip 4: Influencer marketing

Connecting with established influencers who already have a big following, when you make connections with them, there comes the possibility that their followers follow you for being associated with them. So make sure to interact with the content they post and build a personal connection with them.

Tip 5: Unique Content

Creating unique and disruptive content is a great way to increase your following. Think outside the box and since TikTok mostly has Genz on it, it's hard to maintain their attention on overdone things.