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How to delete Tik-Tok videos?

Feb 14, 20222 min readRahul Sathyakumar

Congratulations! It's been a while since you joined Tik-Tok and gained plenty of followers, and now you feel it's the best time to reinvent your profile.

But reinventing your profile would also mean deleting your old account and starting a new one. But what about the following you worked so hard to build?

To reinvent your profile, all you have to do is delete the old videos you are not proud of. There might be many videos you posted during your early days, which looks amateurish.

If you want to know how to save Tik-Tok videos, check out our step by step guide.

Also, if you have posted videos regularly, you know it's not easy to navigate within your gallery. If that's the case, it's time you consider deleting your old videos.

How to delete Tik-Tok videos?

Step 1: Open Tik-Tok.

Grab your smartphone and search for Tik-Tok among your list of apps. Tap it and open it.

Step 2: Profile

Tap the profile icon on the bottom right corner to visit your profile.

Step 3: Gallery

Once you have reached your profile, you will see a list of videos you have posted so far.

Step 4: Videos

Find the video you don't need from the list of videos shown and tap on it. The selected video will pop up and start playing in full-screen mode.

Step 5: Options

On the bottom right corner of the video playing, you will find an icon that resembles three dots. Tap on it. A new set of options will appear.

Step 6: Delete

Among the new list of options, tap "Delete." A pop-up window will ask to confirm. Tap "Delete."

How to delete Tik-Tok video is pretty simple, and the process is pretty much the same for both android and iPhone users.

Some users may have downloaded your videos if you have allowed them. Then it is hard to prevent other users from uploading those videos again. But you can avoid something like that from happening in the future by making your videos private.